Halloween Mummy Cans

With Halloween creeping ever closer, it’s the perfect opportunity to infuse your home with a spine-chilling ambiance through some hauntingly delightful decorations!

This year, why not embark on a simple and eco-friendly craft project that promises fun for the entire family? Let your creativity soar as you conjure up ghoulishly fantastic creations that will add an extra dose of Halloween spirit to your abode.

Our DIY Halloween Mummy Cans are not only adorable, but also a great way to upcycle your empties. Follow this step-by-step guide to create your own mummy army and add a touch of creepiness to your home decor. Plus, explore some creative variations to make your mummy cans even more unique!

How To Make Mummy Cans

These mummy cans are super easy to make! They only require a few supplies and some time with the kids!

Supplies Needed

  • Empty Soup Cans.
  • Black construction paper.
  • 2 Googly Eyes per can.
  • Hot Glue or Tacky Glue.
  • 1 roll of 2-inch gauze for every can.


  1. Begin by cleaning the soup cans and removing any labels. If there are metal edges, use pliers to press them down to ensure safety.
  2. Lay the soup can down on the construction paper and place marks where the top of the can hits. Next, roll the paper around the can and mark where the paper completely covers the can. Cut the section out you need to cover the can (cut a little bit above the marks you made).
  3. Wrap the soup can with the black construction paper, lining the paper up with the bottom of the empty can.
  4. Glue the construction paper in place and then trim the excess construction paper off at the top of the can.
  5. Fold the gauze in half, width-wise, to create a thicker layer.
  6. Apply glue to one end of the gauze and secure it to the back of the can at the bottom.
  7. Wrap the gauze around to the front, covering the black construction paper.
  8. Push the top of the gauze down a little and secure with glue to create the mummy’s mouth.
  9. Continue wrapping the gauze around the can from bottom to top and then back down, creating layers and giving the mummy a wrapped appearance.
  10. Secure the end of the gauze at the back of the can.
  11. Toward the top of the can (at the front of the can), spread the gauze apart and glue the googly eyes into place. This will give your mummy a fun and spooky look.
  12. Let the glue dry, and your Halloween Mummy Can is complete! Repeat the process for as many mummies as you’d like to create.
Mummy Cans MJ

Creative Variations

Once you’ve mastered the basic Halloween Mummy Can design, you can experiment with these fun and inventive variations. They are a great way to make your mummy cans truly one-of-a-kind.

Glowing Mummy Cans

Turn your mummy cans into eerie glowing lanterns by placing battery-operated tea lights or LEDs inside. The soft glow will illuminate the mummy’s eyes and mouth, creating an eerie ambiance perfect for a Halloween party or outdoor display. This will require cutting holes in the cans, so please be careful!

Colorful Mummy Cans

Add a splash of color to your mummy cans by using colored gauze or fabric strips instead of the traditional white. This can be a great way to match your mummy cans to your existing Halloween color scheme or create a more playful, kid-friendly look.

Mummy Can Family

Use different-sized cans to create a mummy can family. You can use small cans for children and large ones for adults. You can even include tiny cans for pets! Add fun accessories like hats, bows, or collars to personalize each member of your mummy family.

Mummy Can Planters

Transform your mummy cans into whimsical planters by filling them with soil and adding your favorite fall plants, such as mums or small decorative pumpkins. Place them on your porch or windowsill for a festive and eco-friendly Halloween decoration.

Mummy Cans on Table


This DIY Halloween Mummy Can craft is perfect for adding a unique and spooky touch to your home decor. Not only is it a great way to recycle empty soup cans, but it’s also an engaging project that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

With these creative variations, you can personalize your mummy cans to fit your style and make them truly unforgettable. Have fun creating your own mummy army, and happy haunting!

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