Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

Who’s up for a morning meal that changes the game? Let’s dive headfirst into the world of Carrot Cake Overnight Oats!

We’re not talking about just any old breakfast here. This is something special, like merging your favorite dessert with the first meal of the day. It’s an exciting balance of tasty indulgence and healthy nourishment.

Imagine waking up to the warm, familiar flavors of a traditional carrot cake. But surprise! It’s not a sugar-heavy treat, but a power-packed, health-filled breakfast. Seems unreal? Well, it’s not!

Our Carrot Cake Overnight Oats recipe is going to flip your breakfast world upside down. It’s a breakfast uprising in the making, destined to add a pop of joy to your mornings.

It’s as easy to make as your favorite dessert, but the outcome is beyond what you’d imagine. So, are you prepared to redefine your breakfast routine? Let’s jump in!

Benefits of the Recipe

Overnight oats have been gaining popularity, and for good reason. They’re a time-saving, nutritious breakfast option that can be customized to suit any palate.

Our Carrot Cake Overnight Oats recipe takes this concept a step further, offering a host of benefits that make it a standout choice for your morning meal.


This recipe is packed with nutrients. Those rolled oats you’re adding? They’re not just filling. They’ve got a ton of fiber in them. That’s great news for your belly, as fiber’s a whiz at helping with digestion, not to mention it keeps hunger at bay for longer.

Now, the carrots, those orange powerhouses, are a jackpot of beta-carotene. This stuff’s a type of vitamin A that’s got a knack for helping your eyes stay in tip-top shape.

Then, the chia seeds. Tiny as they are, they’re mighty. They come armed with omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are like the superheroes of the heart health world. So, while you’re enjoying your delicious meal, your heart’s getting a bit of a wellness boost too.

Convenience and Versatility

The convenience factor cannot be overstated. Preparing your breakfast the night before means you can simply grab your jar of oats from the fridge in the morning and enjoy, no cooking or cleanup required. This is particularly beneficial for those busy mornings when every minute counts.

Moreover, this recipe is incredibly versatile. You can easily modify it to cater to dietary restrictions or preferences, as we will see later in the article.

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats in jars

Ingredients and How They Compliment the Recipe

Our Carrot Cake Overnight Oats recipe calls for a variety of ingredients, each playing a crucial role in creating a breakfast dish that’s not only delicious but also packed with nutrients.

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are the foundation of this recipe. They’re high in fiber and protein, which can help keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout the morning. Plus, they’re known to support heart health.

Grated Carrots

Grated carrots add a touch of natural sweetness and a good dose of vitamin A, which is important for eye health. They also give the oats a lovely orange hue and a subtle crunch, enhancing the overall texture of the dish.

Shredded Carrots

Cinnamon and Allspice

Cinnamon and allspice are the spices that give our overnight oats that classic carrot cake flavor. Besides adding warmth and depth to the oats, these spices also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. They also help thicken the oats, giving them a creamy, pudding-like consistency.


Raisins add a burst of sweetness and a chewy texture to the oats. They’re also a good source of iron and potassium.

Vanilla Extract, Maple Syrup, and Almond Milk

Vanilla extract and maple syrup enhance the flavor of the oats, while almond milk provides creaminess. Almond milk is also a great source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

Cream Cheese, Walnuts, and Coconut

Cream cheese gives the oats a tangy flavor that balances out the sweetness, while walnuts add a satisfying crunch and a dose of healthy fats. Shredded coconut contributes a tropical note and additional texture.

Oats in a jar

Variations or Substitutes

The beauty of this recipe lies in its flexibility. Here’s how you can tweak it to your liking:

  • Milk Alternatives: Not a fan of almond milk? No problem. Try using oat, soy, or even regular cow’s milk if you’re not vegan or lactose intolerant.
  • Sweetness to Your Taste: Maple syrup can be replaced with honey or agave nectar. If you’re aiming for a sugar-free version, consider using stevia or monk fruit sweetener.
  • Chia Seed Substitutes: Don’t have chia seeds? Ground flaxseeds can step in. They’ll thicken the oats just as well and bring a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids to the table.
  • Raisin Replacements: If raisins aren’t your thing, other dried fruits like chopped dates, dried cranberries, or dried cherries can take their place.
  • Cream Cheese Variations: Plant-based cream cheese is a fantastic substitute for people who practice veganism. A spoonful of Greek yogurt (or a plant-based) might have a comparable tart flavor if you’d prefer to leave out the cream cheese.
  • Walnut and Coconut Alternatives: Feel adventurous with other nuts or seeds. Pecans, almonds, or sunflower seeds can add a satisfying crunch. If coconut isn’t your favorite, omit it or add more nuts.

How To Make

Creating your own Carrot Cake Overnight Oats is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  1. Mix Dry Ingredients: Grab a big bowl and toss in your rolled oats, finely grated carrot, ground cinnamon, a bit of ground allspice (or nutmeg if you prefer), chia seeds, and raisins. Give it a good mix.
  2. Add Wet Ingredients: The addition of the maple syrup, vanilla extract, and unsweetened almond milk is now recommended. Once they are all included, whisk everything well in the bowl.
  3. Add Cream Cheese: If you’re using cream cheese, go ahead and add it now. Stir it in until it’s all blended in with the rest of the stuff.
  4. Spoon it into Jars: Now, take your mixture and spoon it into two mason jars (or whatever containers you’ve got with a tight lid).
  5. Refrigerate: Place the jars in the refrigerator after screwing on the lids. If you can, leave the oats overnight. But, at minimum, at least leave them there for 4 hours.
  6. Stir and Adjust Consistency: When you’re ready to eat, give the oats a good stir. If they’re a bit too thick for you, splash in some more almond milk.
  7. Add Toppings: Before serving, top the oats with crushed walnuts and shredded coconut. You can also add a bit of Greek yogurt for extra creaminess.

Serving Suggestions

Ready to dig into your Carrot Cake Overnight Oats? Great! You’ve got options. Cold oats straight from the fridge can be a refreshing start to the day. Just grab a spoon and dig in!

But what if you’re in the mood for something warm? No problem. Pop your oats in the microwave for a quick heat-up. Not a fan of microwaves? You can warm them on the stove. Just remember to stir well for even heating.

Now, let’s talk toppings. Crushed walnuts and shredded coconut are our go-to. They add a delightful crunch and a hint of tropical flavor. But why stop there?

Fancy a creamy touch? Add some Greek yogurt. Want a bit more protein? Greek yogurt’s got you covered. Feeling adventurous? Drizzle some honey, sprinkle granola, or add fresh berries.

Storing and Reheating

Got leftovers? No worries. Your Carrot Cake Overnight Oats can be stored in the fridge. Just make sure the lid is on tight. They’ll stay fresh for up to 5 days.

But what if you’ve made a big batch? Can you freeze them? Absolutely! Pop them in the freezer, and they’ll keep for up to 3 months. Just remember to thaw them in the fridge the night before you plan to eat them.

Now, let’s talk reheating. Maybe you’ve taken your oats out of the fridge, and they’re a bit too cold for your liking. Or you’ve just thawed a batch from the freezer. Can you heat them up? Of course!

A quick zap in the microwave will do the trick. Just 30–60 seconds should be enough. Remember to stir halfway through for even heating.

Not a fan of microwaves? You can also use the stove if you like. Just transfer your oats to a pot and heat on low until they’re just right.

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats with toppings

Expert Tips

Ready to become an overnight oats expert? Here are some tips to help you make the best Carrot Cake Overnight Oats ever.

First things first, let’s talk ratios. The key to perfect overnight oats is getting the oats-to-liquid ratio right. Too little liquid and your oats will be dry.

Too much and they’ll be soupy. We’ve found that a 1:1.25 ratio of oats to liquid works best. But feel free to adjust to your liking.

Next up, soaking time. Sure, they’re called “overnight” oats, but how long do they really need to soak? We recommend at least 4 hours. But if you can, leave them overnight. The longer they soak, the creamier they’ll be.

And what about meal prep? Can you make multiple servings at once? Absolutely! Just double, triple, or quadruple the recipe. Then divide the mixture into individual jars. You’ll have breakfast ready for the next few days.


Can I use steel-cut instead of rolled oats?

While you can use steel-cut oats, they have a much chewier texture. They also require a longer soaking time than rolled oats. If you don’t mind these differences, feel free to use them.

Can I make this recipe vegan?

Definitely! Just swap the cream cheese for a plant-based version and make sure your sweetener is vegan-friendly. You’ll have a delicious vegan breakfast ready to go.

Are overnight oats good for weight loss?

Overnight oats can be a great addition to a weight loss diet. They’re high in fiber, which can help keep you feeling full and satisfied, potentially reducing your overall calorie intake.

Just be mindful of your portion sizes and the toppings you add, as these can increase the calorie content.

Are overnight oats healthier than oatmeal?

Overnight oats and cooked oatmeal are both healthy options as they’re made from the same base ingredient. Oats! The nutritional value mainly depends on the other ingredients you add.

One advantage of overnight oats is that they’re soaked rather than cooked, which can help preserve some of the nutrients that might be lost during cooking. However, both options are a great way to start your day!

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

Gwen Xavier
Carrot Cake Overnight Oats are a nutritious, convenient, and delicious breakfast option, combining the heartiness of oats and the sweet, comforting flavors of a classic carrot cake.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Servings 2
Calories 360 kcal


  • Masonary jars


  • 1 Cup Rolled oats
  • 1/2 Cup Finely grated carrot
  • 1/4 Tsp Ground allspice Or nutmeg
  • 1 Tbsp Chia seeds
  • 3 Tbsp raisins
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla extract
  • 2 Tbsp Maple syrup
  • 1.25 Cups Unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 Tbsp Softened cream cheese Optional
  • 2 Tbsp Crushed walnuts
  • 2 Tbsp Shredded unsweetened coconut


  • In a large bowl, mix together the rolled oats, finely grated carrot, ground cinnamon, ground allspice (or nutmeg), chia seeds, and raisins.
  • Add the vanilla extract, maple syrup, and unsweetened almond milk to the dry ingredients. Stir until well combined.
  • If you're using cream cheese, now is the time to add it to the mixture. Stir until it's well incorporated.
  • Spoon the mixture into two mason jars (or any container with a tight-fitting lid).
  • Cover the jars and place them in the refrigerator. Let the oats soak for at least 4 hours, but preferably overnight.
  • In the morning, give the oats a good stir. If the mixture is too thick for your liking, add a splash of almond milk.
  • Top the oats with crushed walnuts and shredded coconut before serving. You can also add a dollop of Greek yogurt for extra creaminess.
  • Enjoy your Carrot Cake Overnight Oats cold, or if you prefer, heat them up in the microwave for 30-60 seconds.

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