Zero Compression Back Brace Review

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Zero Compression Back Brace Review

Compression Back Brace Review

My husband recently had the chance to try out a Zero Compression Back Brace. He suffers from chronic lower back pain following a semi-truck accident in 2005. He has had three back surgeries, including two spinal fusions. On top of the chronic back pain, he also suffers from neuropathy that radiates down from his back into his feet and toes. We are always looking for ways to help reduce his pain on top of his medical management.

The Zero Compression Back Brace works to prevent the spine and nerves from being compressed while providing support for the lower back. It helps to maintain proper posture while wearing it. Improper posture can lead to back pain or in my husband’s case, increase the amount of back pain he is already in. After wearing the compression back brace a few times, my husband noticed a difference compared to when he was not wearing it. It really helped on the days he was on his feet for long periods of time or sitting for long periods of time.

Zero Compression Back Brace Review

He found the Zero Compression Back Brace comfortable to wear even when he was driving in the car. It helped give him extra support between his back and the seat. It is comfortable enough to be worn while sitting, standing, walking, driving or exercising. This is a compression back brace that can be worn all day, regardless of the activities you are doing. My husband is very satisfied with the Zero Compression Back Brace and even took it with on a recent trip up to Michigan to see our son graduate.

Zero Compression Back Brace for Men

Zero Compression Back Braces are available currently in three styles. They have a Lower Back Support Brace for Men, Maternity Back Brace/Belly Band, and a Lower Back Support Brace/Belly Band for Women. Each of the braces are available in different sizes. There is a size chart with each product so that you can effectively order the one that is right for you. Zero Compression Back Braces are lightweight, comfortable and easily worn discreetly under clothes so you don’t have to worry about it disrupting your wardrobe or drawing attention to yourself. They are secured with an easy velcro closure. The velcro closure is protected by an extra piece of fabric you place on the velcro side when not in use to prevent dust and debris from getting stuck in the velcro.

Zero Compression Back Brace

Find out more information about the Zero Compression Back Brace here.

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  1. says

    My husband has had really bad back pain so I would like to get one of these for him. He has had lots of back surgeries and they don’t seem to help him much. He needs more support for his physical job and this sounds perfect.

  2. says

    What a great review. The back brace looks very comfortable. My mom suffers from back pain, but she hates wearing braces because according to her, they are uncomfortable. I would love for her to try this.

  3. says

    Back pain is the worst, especially lower back pain! I remember being pregnant and having not only lower back pain, but also round ligament pain from carrying the baby. Belly bands were the only thing that helped.

  4. says

    Why have I never heard of this before?! I’ve had a herniated disc in my back for years. Yoga has worked wonders but this would be great for when I have flare-ups.

  5. says

    My husband could really benefit from a back brace like this. Over the years his back has started to cause him some problems when he is doing things. His job is pretty physical still and he is recovering from a knee surgery.

  6. says

    Love that they have them for men and women to fit every need. i know some people that can use this especially those who lift heavy stuff.

  7. says

    A zero compression back brace sounds like just the thing for me. As a blogger, I’m at the computer a good portion of the day. When you add to that the fact that I already have a less than stellar back, a compression free back brace like this could be just the ticket.