We Are Family Despite Our DNA- #BehindTheBlogger

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We Are Family Despite Our DNA

We Are Family

I have been absent for the last two #BehindTheBlogger prompts due to some medical issues and a family emergency. This week when I looked at the prompt (We Are Family), I was immediately reminded of all the people in my life who were/are family even though we do not share the same DNA. This extended family serves a vital purpose in today’s society where many natural families are separated due to work, school, and other life circumstances.

Almost everyone I know has someone in their life that is “Family” despite the DNA not matching. These family ties bind entire families together as everyone joins together to celebrate the ups and downs of life. These relationships often form over a common interest and slowly grow into a closeness that defies all friendship boundaries as it flows into the family zone.


Since most people do not like feeling isolated they enjoy the closeness that extended family brings. Most extended family forms as we grow older and will last a lifetime but some are in our lives only for a season. Even though some of my extended family has changed over the years,I do not regret the years of closeness that I shared with them during that time.

My hope and prayer is that if my daughter is to ever be separated from us due to life situations that she be blessed with friends that she can proudly claim as family to fill in the gaps we can’t.

Do you have someone that you would proudly proclaim, “We are family despite our DNA”? Let us know who is special to you and how you met below. 


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