Soothe Your Child With a CuddleBright Lovie

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Soothe Your Child With a CuddleBright LovieElephant Lovie from CuddleBright Experience

Anyone who has a child or takes care of a child knows that when children are separated from their parents it can be stressful for everyone involved. Many children often cope with a “Lovie” or other soothing system but often times it isn’t enough when transitioning away from mom and dad. Recently, I had the chance to review the CuddleBright™ Experience. It is a whole new system that has been designed for parents to help them and their child through the process.CuddleBright Experience Lovie

CuddleBright™ Experience has been designed by leading child development experts at the Simms/Mann Institute, a national non-profit organization, and combines the latest in neuroscience research, years of child development theory and expert insights from the field to create a truly unique product that helps create a strong parent and child bond. This system is the first and only routine-based experience aimed to connect, comfort and calm both parent and child during times of separation.

Elephant CuddleBright Lovie

 The CuddleBright Experience features four key components and is designed for children ages o-5.

  • The CuddleBright™ Lovie reminds a child of the warm connection they share with their parent during times of separation, while also calming, comforting and supporting self-soothing.
  • The 140-page CuddleBright™ Parenting Guide, written by child development experts at the Simms/Mann Institute, covers 18 topics related to a child’s social and emotional development — and provides parents with practical skills and everyday strategies to help a child thrive.
  • A Cuddle Before I Gois a beautifully illustrated Board Book that tells the sweet story of a goodbye routine between a Mommy and her baby, and makes the perfect together-time activity.
  • Nestled within  “A Cuddle Before I Go” is a CuddleBright™ Keepsake Heart for the parent. The Keepsake Heart is soft to the touch and easy to carry, providing comfort for parents during times of separation.

Elephant Lovie from CuddleBright

My favorite part of the CuddleBright Experience is the “Lovie” that is designed to comfort the child when the parent(s) are away. Each “Lovie” matches the book, “A Cuddle Before I Go”, so the lovie in the story matches the one that the child will have to help with soothing.

The CuddleBright Experience is available in four animals so you can choose the one best suited for your child. It also allows you to have a “Lovie” unique to each child so they don’t get mixed up. It is available in Elephant, Puppy, Bear, and Bunny. There is also an option to purchase an additional “Lovie” so you don’t have to worry about finding a replacement if one is lost or in the wash.


The CuddleBright™ Experience is available now for $39.95 at  To celebrate the launch of CuddleBright™Experience, the Simms/Mann Institute is donating $1 million to early learning programs and brain science research.

CuddleBright Elephant Lovie

Purchase your child a CuddleBright Lovie online at the CuddleBright™ Experience.

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    This CuddleBright Lovie looks soothing. It is a good choice for small kids.