Simple Tips to Help Teens & Tweens Start Their Day

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Simple Tips to Help Teens & Tweens Start Their Day

Tips to Help Teens & Tweens

I never thought that getting tween & tweens ready and out the door would be harder than getting a toddler ready. Then my kids got older and I learned that they can take longer to get ready. I attribute this to the fact that many of the decisions we made for them when they are younger are now their responsibility and they often take longer to make them. Recently, my tween daughter has added one more thing to do her morning ritual as she deals with the dreaded acne outbreaks. After trying multiple products with little to no effect at helping her put her best face forward,we were excited to give the AcneFree brand of products a try. I also have discovered some easy ways to make her mornings less stressful so she takes the time to clean and treat her face. These simple tips to help her have reduced her morning stress and will help your teens & tweens start their day.

AcneFree Skin Cleaning Products

AcneFree offers a full line of products to help treat and control acne. On our latest shopping to WalMart we hit the beauty department and picked up the AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Line and the Sonic Advanced Cleaning Duo. We added these products to her daily regimen and with these simple tips to help her get ready, her mornings are quickly becoming less hectic. Many of our tips focus on doing the things we can the night before and only doing what we have to in the morning. This not only makes her mornings happier but means that this mom is less stressed trying to make sure everyone is ready when needed.

Walmart AcneFree Products

Simple Tips to Help Them Start Their Day

  1. Make showers a nightly routine. Nothing can slow down a morning like everyone fighting for the bathroom. Use this time to make sure they are establishing a good face cleaning routine. The AcneFree Sonic Advanced Cleaning Duo is a great way to help them put their best face forward.
  2. Have them brush their teeth before bed and leave it out on the counter so it is readily available in the morning.
  3. Lay out all clothes and accessories for the next day before going to bed. Trying to decide on clothes when they are tired can make the process take twice as long.
  4. Pack lunches after dinner while everyone is still in the kitchen. If they are going to buy lunch at school,make sure they have lunch money.
  5. Place backpacks by the door so they just have to be grabbed on the way out. This means that all homework should be done before going to bed. No one wants to wake up early to do homework when they could be sleeping.
  6. If your tween or teen likes to hit the snooze alarm, make sure they set their alarm 30 minutes earlier than they need to be up. This allows them to hit the snooze alarm without cutting into the time they need to get ready.
  7. Encourage them to continue their face cleaning routine every morning to help treat and control their acne. The sonic advanced cleaning duo is great in and out of the shower and only takes minutes every morning. The daily skin therapy line is also easy to use in a rush with each product being numbered  so they don’t have to remember which one to use first.
  8. Make sure they take time for breakfast by having healthy and convenient breakfast options available. If they are in a rush they might skip breakfast and this will slow them down during the day.
  9. Set a timer every morning for ten minutes before it is time to leave but don’t tell them it is set earlier than needed. This helps them see how much time they have left to get ready and will ensure that even if they are running behind they are still ready on time.

These simple tips to help your tween & teens will make their mornings easier and will leave you a little less stressed about getting everyone ready for the morning. I want to let you know a little more about the AcneFree products my daughter has started using in her daily regimen.

Daily Skin Therapy

The AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Line is a great new 3-Step line from AcneFree that helps re-balance acne-prone skin! You can buy each product separately or you can buy all three to benefit from the full line. The 3-Step line starts with an Acne Wash that has a pore targeting formula + patented avocado extract technology that was shown to reduce oil and shine. This Dermatologist tested formula is soap free and rinses clean. The next step is Skin Therapy Pads, which unclog pores and help tone the skin. The therapy line rounds out with a Complexion Perfecting Cream. This cream has added skin conditioners and humectants that help keep the skin moisturized. While the advanced retinol technology allows controlled release of retinol throughout the day to reveal healthier looking skin!

AcneFree Sonic Cleaning Duo

My daughter was most excited about the Sonic Advanced Cleaning Duo. This cleaning duo includes a oil-free purifying cleanser and a purifying facial cleaning brush. The oil free cleanser clears blackheads and acne breakouts. While the facial cleaning brush uses dermal stimulation therapy to gently deep clean pores. The brush is non-porous and easy to clean. It can also be used in the shower which helps save time. The brush delivers 8,000 pulsations per minute! The Pulsations are channeled through a soft, comfortable silicone head to gently exfoliate your skin and remove dirt and oil. The smooth, rounded touchpoints massage the face and are nonabrasive enough for daily use. It is also convenient for her to throw in a gym bag for washing her face away from home. She has liked how easy it is to use and I like that it is easy to clean because I don’t have to purchase additional brushheads. There is NO need to pay over $100 in a department store when you can now go to WalMart to get a great cleansing brush!

Daily Skin Therapy From AcneFree

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  1. RaNesha says

    Importany hygiene tip that most parents should know.

  2. says

    This is great advice that I wish my mother shared with me when I was a teenager! I was constantly pounding the snooze button and refusing to get up in the morning. I wish I had thought of the idea of setting the alarm clock back earlier and being able to have that feeling of hitting the button without actually losing time.

    • GwendolynM says

      My mom has always set her clocks ahead and it drives me crazy some times because I never know what time it is.

  3. says

    When I was a teen I didn’t start my day with this but I did end it with similar stuff.

  4. says

    My kiddo will be turning 10 next month and had her first pimple. She doesn’t seem old enough for that!! It’s definitely time to start creating a good routine for washing her face.

  5. Lawrence Hamilton says

    Getting this teenager up to go to school every day is like trying to convince a hungry lion with a gazelle in his mouth to fast. Have to try these asap!

    • GwendolynM says

      I never thought about it that way but that is so true. I hate getting up in the mornings myself.

  6. says

    The cleaning brush looks great! I have something similar and I love how clean it leaves my skin and how it gets rid of the dry skin so easily.

  7. says

    oh we are at this point as well. Purchasing everything on the shelves to see what works. My son is just over trying new products and is rebelling and not using anything right now – which is totally not working. I will have to check these out – we have not tried these yet

  8. says

    I actually can’t wait until my children get older so I guide them through their teen years…although I might regret saying that since I know I’ll also have to deal with hormones and outbursts, lol!

  9. says

    We just started using this exact same acne treatment system with our 14 year old son. I was a little skeptical of him keeping up with it at first but once I showed him the step by step process, he’s got it down. He’s only been using it a week and I’ve noticed fewer pimples on his face.

  10. says

    My 14 year old is NOT a morning person, she drags when it is before 11 a.m. needless to say getting her up for school is no fun. We find that if she sets everything up the night before it makes the moring run a bit smoother for her. I on the other hand am an extreme morning person so I get to be chipper and annoy her tremendously.

  11. says

    Kids can be so focused on their appearance so it is great that there are products like these to keep their skin healthy and build their confidence. I have found that the best way to start your day is to be prepared–that’s why we set out everything we need the night before. Cuts down on so much stress.

  12. says

    Great tips for teens and tweens! It’s good to know that there are helpful products out there like these. I’m enjoying the kids being younger for now, but it’s nice to read tips for the future.

  13. says

    These are great tips! I especially love the idea for setting the timer for earlier than you need. My tween is ESPECIALLY bad about being late. With this idea, I might be able to at least leave on time instead of 15 minutes late.

  14. says

    This is so important! I never really listened to my mom growing up, when she told me to wash my face every morning before school, but I wish I had! It probably would have saved me years of embarrassing blemishes! I’ve used Acne Free before as a cheaper alternative to ProActiv, and honestly they’re so similar! This is a great brand, and those are great tips!