Quit Smoking and Lose Weight

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Quit Smoking and Lose Weight


There are many reasons that people do not want to quit smoking and one of the main reasons is the fear of gaining weight. No one wants to go up a dress size or two just because they have decided to take better care of their health. The average person gains 10 pounds when they quit smoking but when you smoke a pack a day it is like being 90 pounds overweight. Don’t give up on the idea of quitting because these steps can help you to quit smoking and lose weight. Don’t give up on quitting smoking just because of the danger of weight gain, implement these steps to help you take control of your health and become a better you.

Tips to Quit Smoking and Lose Weight



  • Make NOT Smoking your #1 Goal – Quitting smoking is an undertaking on its own so do not try to make anything but that your #1 goal. These tips will help you lose weight but you need to focus on quitting first and foremost. Check out our tips to Quit Smoking for ways to achieve this goal.
  • Exercise –  Get moving to help keep you busy and avoid binging on food.  It will also help decrease the stress that you sometimes encounter when quitting smoking. A great way to sneak in exercise is to do a set up sit-ups, jumping jacks, squats, etc. every time you get a craving for a cigarette. Don’t worry about heading to the gym these simple tips will help you get walking and cost nothing- Tips to Start Walking for Weight Loss.
  • Avoid replacing cigarettes with food. One of the things most people do when they quit smoking is replace the act of smoking with eating. They want to keep their hands busy so they end up eating to occupy their time. Find other ways to keep your hands and mouth busy. Chew on a toothpick, straw, sugar free gum or sugar free minths.
  • Eat well balanced meals. Make an effort to eat 3 meals a day and make sure that those meals are balanced. Avoid foods that are fried, served in cream sauces/gravies, high calories, or overly processed. Instead focus on lean meats,veggies, and whole-grains.
  • Write down what you eat. Write down everything you eat or drink starting a few weeks before you quit smoking to lose weight. This way when you have quit, you can compare what you are eating currently with what you were eating previously. Find the foods that are your triggers and cut them out of your diet.
  • Substitute crunchy vegetables for your favorite snacks. Vegetables are not going to pack on the pounds but they will keep your hands and your mouth busy. By replacing your favorite snacks with crunchy vegetables, you will feel full without eating empty calories.
  • Have an Accountability Partner.  Find someone you can talk to when the craving hits, you catch yourself mindless snacking, or you need encouragement. This person should be willing to support you and also push you when you need it.
  • Avoid Triggers. For at least the first few weeks avoid doing things or going places where you will be tempted to smoke or overindulge. Overtime you may be able to reintroduce those activities into your schedule but don’t set yourself up for failure.
  • Focus on Deep Breathing. Before you turn to food for comfort or stress relief, close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Deep breathing helps relax the body and provides oxygen to the brain. Continue to do these whenever you feel the urge to smoke or eat.
  • Drink plenty of water. When you quit smoking and lose weight your body goes through many changes. It needs to rid itself of toxins and a great way to help that process is by drinking water. Water helps flush toxins and more from your body. Water will also keep you feeling full so you will be less apt to overeat.

If you are looking to quit smoking and lose weight, follow these tips to give yourself an advantage. It takes 3 weeks to establish a routine so don’t give up and keep pushing yourself towards your goal. You can do it!

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