Pajama Dance Party Cabbage Patch Doll

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Pajama Dance Party Cabbage Patch Doll


I love seeing popular toys from my childhood come back on store shelves. In recent years The Cabbage Patch Doll has become popular again. My youngest is 12 years old and has given up playing with dolls but I have a second chance to buy dolls with my new baby niece. I was super excited to receive the new Pajama Dance Party Cabbage Patch. This adorable doll combines the adorable nature of the popular Cabbage Patch Doll with the fun song “I Feel Good.”


The doll stands 12.5″ inches and dances its ways into the hearts of kids of any age. This dancing doll is available in blond, brunette, and red hair. Her adorable hair is styled in two fashionable pony tails and each dolls is dressed is adorable pajamas perfect for a pajama dance party.


To activate the pajama dance party just squeeze the dolls hand and she gets to dancing. My niece is only 5 months old and loves to sit and watch her doll dance around the floor. We can’t wait until she can get up and dance with it and discover how to make it dance all on her own.

The adorable line of Pajama Dance Party Cabbage Patch dolls are available at Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Amazon, and Hallmark.


To find out more about the Pajama Dance Party Cabbage Patch and other Cabbage Patch dolls available from Cabbage Patch Kids, visit them online at Wicked Cool Toys.

***Photos courtesy of Wicked Cool Toys***

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