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New Beginnings for our Family


Our family has experienced many phases of New Beginnings over the years. There are many situations that have prompted these new beginnings including births, deaths, accidents, loss of jobs, and medical illnesses. The last big change that we experienced was our move to Knox County, Tennessee from Metro Detroit, Michigan in June of 2015. It is still hard to believe we have lived here for 18 months because there are many days that it still doesn’t feel like we are “home.” This has prompted many discussions on what “home” means to each of us and what we need to do so that we all feel settled.

The one thing that we all have agreed on is that our “house” does feel like it is our “home.” As a wife and mother, this is very important to me because I feel that it is my responsibility to set the tone inside the home. While my husband seems to have settled into a grove and feels like he belongs, my daughter and I still struggle almost daily. We love it here but the thing that we both have struggled with the most is not feeling like we have found our “thing” or “people.” That is not to say that we don’t know people but we both are longing for special friendships. The friendships that you would miss if you were to move away. This is something that neither of have and since our family is all back in Michigan, it can get lonely.

These feelings do not help my anxiety or bipolar depression and can often lead me down a path that takes forever to climb back from. With these thoughts on my mind, we all sat down and decided that this year we would focus on our family and our new surroundings. This means that our visit to Michigan in a few weeks will be the only one planned for the year. (We have been back 6 times since we moved.) As much as we love visiting our family, I don’t think it has helped my daughter or I seek attachments here, because we are always looking forward to our next trip North. So all though we will miss them, we have agreed that we need to focus on how to make our surroundings a place we would miss if we ever moved again.

We started working on our “new beginnings” over the course of December while we volunteered helping the victims of the Gatlinburg wild fires. The volunteering helped us feel more connected to the area and allowed us to give back to those who have suffered so much. It was something we all loved doing and we will continue to do this in 2017.

Some of the other areas we are going to focus on is finding a youth group for my daughter where she can be around more kids her age in a Christian environment, I will be attending monthly church meetings for the women’s group and a “Be Fit For Jesus” group, we will all start singing with the choir weekly, and lastly we will discover one new place a month (this will be a new restaurant, activity, outdoor location, or a store that is unique to our area.)

As we set out to embark on these New Beginnings, I want to challenge you to find one area to work on with your family during the year. Every time we focus on strengthening our family, we make it better and a strong, solid family foundation can help make even the toughest times easier to handle.

I would love to know what New Beginnings you are focusing on? Share them with me in the comment section below.


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  1. says

    I think volunteering is a great way to connect with your community, not to mention a great way to meet new friends. Wishing you and your daughter the best of luck in finding your “people” and connecting I’m sure they’re there, looking for you guys too.. 🙂

  2. says

    You have done an appreciative job. Hope, you achieve what you desire and would help more victims. Good work dear.

  3. says

    Aww. It is tough when you are in a new place especially for your daughter. And Michigan is so nice! Tough to replace. Hope you find kindred spirits soon!