Keep Them Safe When They Are Away with Wearsafe #Wearsafe #SaferSmarter

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Keep Them Safe When They Are Away with Wearsafe


Many young adults are heading away from home for the first time this fall. They will be entering college or university for the first time and experiencing the freedom of not having a parent watching guard over them every day. My son graduated this year and while he is not heading off to college this month, he will soon join many of his peers in discovering a world away from home and all things that are familiar. While this new freedom is exhilarating for many young adults, it does not bring the same feelings for their parents. With their children away from home, they worry about the dangers that they may face . However, there is a product available to help decrease the worry and keep them safe while they are away. Wearsafe is the only product on the market that offers GPS information, audio, and group chat. No other product on the market can keep your son or daughter safer and reduce your worries about their safety.

Wearsafe on Keychain

As a parent we prepare our children the best we can and then we have to let them out in the world to discover things for themselves. Now we can equip them with a device (and app) that will help them develop their independence.  The Wearsafe is the size of a key fob and is easily worn without bringing attention to itself. It can also be hooked on a keychain or lanyard that will be carried with them. With the associated app that the Wearsafe is connected to, you can select a group of individuals to be alerted when the button is pushed.

Wearsafe Comparision

The Wearsafe provides GPS information and can tell if someone is moving or stationary. This is great information but it is not enough in an emergency situation. That is where the audio component is beneficial. With the push of a button an audio file containing 60 seconds of conversation/background noise (before the button was pushed) is sent to help those receiving the alert understand the situation. Then those that received the alert can join in a group chat to create a virtual situation room. No matter where they are physically, they are all connected and able to address the situation and help the person who has activated the alert (the person with the Wearsafe device.)

Wearsafe worn on a shirt

The safety and protection of our children can not be given a price tag but with the cost of college many families are money conscious. Wearsafe protection is affordable for everyone at only $5 a month. Plus you receive your first Wearsafe tag for free and get the first month free!Wearsafe

As a parent it is reassuring to know that I can help my child gain his independence away from home but still help if he needs me.

Keep your child safe when they are away from home with Wearsafe.  Try it free for today!

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    What a great tool for safety in today’s environment. I’m glad there are great products like this to fill this need.

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    Huh that’s a product I was not aware of. I can see where some families will enjoy having this!!