I’m Not Ashamed Movie Review #ImNotAshamed

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I’m Not Ashamed Movie Review #ImNotAshamed

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I had the opportunity to attend a screening of the new PureFlix film, I’m Not Not Ashamed . It tells the inspiring true story of Rachel Joy Scott at Columbine High School. This real life story is based on Rachel’s journals and shows how when we put our lives in God’s hands, we can make a difference in the world. Even though Rachel’s life was cut short during the Columbine High School shooting , God is continuing to use her life to reach others.

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During her time alive, Rachel reached many people and one of those people was Mark Pettit. Check out this interview here with Mark and find out what he thinks about this new film and Rachel’s impact on others.

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I cannot begin to express how deeply I’m Not Ashamed impacted me. They have done an incredible job showing the struggles of a teenager combined with the struggle to share Christ with the world. Rachel’s struggles are ones that we can all relate to and tell a compelling story for teens and adults. Knowing that her life would end at the end of the film, made viewing certain scenes harder. As a mother, my heart broke as her mom says good-bye for the last time the morning of the shooting. I recommend bringing a few tissues with you.

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Masey McClain does an amazing job playing Rachel Joy Scott and the rest of the cast do not disappoint either. Due to shooting scene, I recommend you take into account your child’s feelings and emotions before bringing them to see the film. It is rated PG-13 because of this but everyone knows their own child. The scene was handled with great care and is not gory but it still is jarring knowing it really happened. Make plans to see I’m Not Ashamed in theaters tomorrow, October 21st.

Find out more about I’m Not Ashamed by visiting the official movie site online.

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