How to Pray For Your Marriage

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How to Pray For Your Marriage

how to Pray For your marriage

Learning how to pray for your marriage is something that all couples need to focus on. After 13 years of marriage,I can look back and see that the times my marriage struggled were times we were not praying. Now when I say praying for your marriage, I do not mean praying that God change the other person and prove that you are right. Yes, I have went down that road out of my own stubbornness and it yielded no results. When we are praying for our marriage we need to start with ourselves and be open to what God has for us. With four simple steps you can start on the journey t pray for your marriage.

These steps are easy to remember as they form the acronym P.R.A.Y. We need to praise,repent, ask and yield to God in our prayer life. When we do this with an open and willing heart,God will bless.

Praise- Start your prayer by praising and thanking God for everything that he has done. This can be hard at first if you are having a hard time seeing the positive but once you start listing the things that you are thankful for, you realize how much you have. Start with the positive traits you admire about your partner and relationship. Continue with the other things in your life and once you are done continue to the next step.

Repent – Confess your sins and shortcomings to God. These may things in your marriage, home life and beyond. I leave nothing out when talking with God because I find coming to him with a repentant heart draws me closer to him. After you have repented, you are now ready to come to God with your requests.

Ask – Bring your requests before the Lord, I like to get as detailed as possible so that I know what I am really looking for. One of the things I learned while praying for my marriage was how I asked for things to change in my marriage. I stopped praying for my husband to change but instead asked God to change how I handled the thing about my husband that bothered me. It is amazing how when we focus on bettering ourselves our view on things change and often times so does the other person.

Yield – After you have laid it all at the foot of the cross and laid your heart out before God, the hard part comes. Now you must surrender to His will and plan. That means leaving at His feet and not picking it back up as your burden. This can be hard because our human nature wants to handle things on our own but we can’t do it. During this time while you wait for God’s answer you just keep praying and leaving it in His hands. Don’t be discouraged and just trust in Him for strength and grace.

One of the things I have learned while praying for my marriage is to expect the unexpected. I have seen God restore our marriage from a pile of ashes into a beautiful masterpiece. I wish that I had listened early on in my marriage and made prayer a focus. However, it is not to late to start praying for your marriage as long as you are alive. I hope these four simple steps help you on your journey to pray for your marriage and put Christ first in your life.

Do you Pray For Your Marriage? What blessings have you seen God provide in your lives or the lives of others as a result?


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  1. Darlene Maroni says

    Boy..this is a tough one..we always tend to pray for change in our partner instead of looking within ourselves for things that may need to be changed. I totally agree with you about leaving things at the foot of the cross and not take them back..another hard thing to do..especially If it is an issue that we dont see being resolved anytime soon. It is not easy listening for that still small voice of the Lord and then doing what we know he wants us to do. Pride..always seems to get in the way..sometimes it seems as though I do more repenting than I do in prayer. I feel bitterness well up..and instead of heading it off with Christ’s Love..I fall prey to the situation. I strive every day to be more Christ like ..and every day I fall short..I will start using your guidelines for prayer..and try my best to die to self each day. God Bless you and Thank you ..I needed to see this at this very time. God knew that.