Get Baking With The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

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Get Baking With The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

Everyone loves Girl Scout® cookies and unfortunately they are only sold once a year. Now you and your child can enjoy the favorite cookies you love so much all year long with the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven. This is also a great way to introduce your child to baking and let them create delicious treats without the dangers of real oven.

The Girl Scouts® Cookie Oven comes with mix packets to create the perfect Thin Mints® – inspired cookies,a spatula, a baking pan and “The Perfect Cookie” measuring tool. They also sell additional baking mixes/Refill Packs to create your other favorite flavors ( PB Sandwich, Trefoils ®, Chocolate Peanut Butter,and Coconut Caramel.) You can also purchase Thin Mint refill packs.

Cookie Oven Refill Packs

The Cookie Oven provides hours of endless fun as you watch your child grow more confident in their baking capabilities. They will enjoy checking on their cookies whiles they are cooking through a view window. There is even a warming station to melt the delicious cookie coatings and frostings.

You will be more than happy to sample your child’s baking creations and might even sneak in a baking session or two of your own once you taste the delicious goodness. Using the cookie oven brought back many memories of my childhood and was a delight to share with my daughter.

The Girl Scout Cookie Oven and refill packs are available at Amazon, Kmart, Target,Walmart, and Toys “R” Us.


To check out the Girl Scout Cookie Oven and the other products available including a cookie stand, visit Wicked Cool Toys online.

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