February Evgie Wall Decals Giveaway

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February Evgie Wall Decals Giveaway
Evgie Wall Decals Giveaway

I love how Evgie Wall Decals can take a room to the next level. They can instantly make a room more personal and add a special touch when you are not able to paint or make major renovations. The decals are simple to apply and instantly make a difference. This month we have a chance for you to win a $150 to spend on Evgie Wall Decals and take your room to the next level.

Would you like to redecorate a room in your house? I love to change things up a little but painting a room can be such a huge project. Adding vinyl decals to your walls can change the whole look of your room. Decals are easy to apply, easy to remove, and easy to tailor to a specific wall or surface.

Evgie makes custom decals, and large wall stickers made of high-quality vinyl. Choose from a variety of children and baby wall decals. You can also use decoration wall decals for office space, kindergartens, home, studios and many other rooms.

They can create custom wall decals, make any changes to already existing wall decal themes, or make one from scratch. You send them an image of your room, any point of inspiration, sample or desired theme and submit it to them. Contact them if you need help or have an idea of how to personalize your space with wall decals. They make it very easy and affordable to change up the whole look of your room!

Evgie Forest Animal Friends Wall Decals

Look at all these beautiful designs! You can transform a room into a beautiful forest or let your child feel like they are on an adventure in a Space Themed room. You can see with just a few decals it can change the whole look of a room. These are just a few of their designs – there are so many more to choose from.

Evgie Space Wall Decals

You can purchase vinyl decals their Etsy store. They ship worldwide! Check out some of the beautiful wall decals that are available.

Bears Wall Decals

Evgie Bears Wall Decals

Ocean Friends Wall Decals

Evgie Ocean Friends Wall Decals

Safari Wall Decals

Evgie Safari Wall Decals

Now for the giveaway! Enter to win a $150 coupon to use in the Evgie Etsy Shop to decorate a room in your home or office. Just enter on the form below.

This information is provided by Evgie.com and SavingYouDinero.com. Blogger is not responsible for fulfilling the prize.


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    I went thru all 9 pages on the website and I like a lot of them! I love the Valentine’s Hearts Trees the most and maybe the Cherry Blossoms tree’s. Or maybe it was apple.