DIETING: Expectations Vs. Reality

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DIETING: Expectations Vs. Reality


Losing weight and getting in shape is a goal that many people share. Whether you want to lose 100 pounds or those stubborn five pounds, it can be a real challenge to shed weight. When you go on a diet, you expect to lose weight in a certain time frame. But will that happen? Before you start dieting, take a look at your expectations to see if they are in fact realistic.
Let go of unrealistic expectations
It’s difficult to plan but even harder to follow through. Preparing to lose some weight takes some work. Start by cleaning your fridge of bad foods and shop for healthy items. Gather the best healthy recipes you can find so that they are ready to go and begin.
Reality versus expectation.
Dieting is not Magic.
Don’t expect to lose ten pounds overnight. It took a few weeks, months or even years to gain that much weight. Why would you expect to lose it overnight? On average, a loss of two pounds per week is a realistic goal. If you have a lot of weight to lose, the rate of weight loss will be faster.
2 pounds? OMG! Reality bites, literally.
Refrain from buying clothes for your “after” figure. While it may be tempting to get a new wardrobe for your new bod before your lose weight, wait until afterward. You can’t predict how much weight you will lose and how long it will take, so don’t run out and buy “skinny” clothes. What good will they do hanging in your closet? It may be motivation for some, but for others, it can be discouraging.
What about pills that burn fat faster?
Don’t expect that you will need diet supplements to lose weight. They do not work and they cost a fortune! Try the old-fashioned method of diet and exercise. It is likely you will find that you won’t need to take anything except a daily vitamin.
Can I still eat things I like?
Of course, you can! But, like anything in life MODERATION is the key. Do not expect to eat a hamburger every day, but you can on occasion eat one for a treat. Contrary to popular believe, don’t cut out entire food groups, you need the vitamins from all. Strict diets that cut out all carbs or all fat are unrealistic unless you have related health issues.
Going it alone?
Dieting without any help or guidance is difficult. You will not feel motivated and mess things up if you are not knowledgeable about the subject. Eating some foods actually cause you to gain weight rather than lose it. Even ones that seem on the surface to be healthy. If you are not aware of these you will get more than you bargained for. Talking to a dieting coach on a website like is a great way to avoid this from happening. They can help guide you to make the right choices for your dieting needs.
Remember everyone’s body and metabolism is different. Then why do we tend to think they work for everyone? This makes no sense.
Try to be realistic in your dieting goals and don’t expect changes overnight! Talk to a dieting expert, your health and well-being are worth the extra attention.

Do you have tips to help achieve realistic dieting goals? Let us know below!


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  1. says

    Well, yes this is the most difficult task for me as I am unable to follow the routine regularly

  2. Judy H says

    Drink 8 glasses of water a day . Drink 1 before each meal.

    Write a journal of what you eat.

    If you are not hungry enough to eat a apple you are not hungry.

    When you bring vegetable home clean and cut them up and put them in ziplock bsggies. If you hate cutting them up. Buy them done up already you are worth the cost of a veggie tray.