Dear Moms, You Must Get Healthy

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Dear Moms, You Must Get Healthy


I read an article the other day called “Why Having Kids Is Bad for Your Health.” To sum it up, based on a study the University of Minnesota did they found that moms with kids eat more and exercise less. Yet, you might be thinking you are running around all day and hardly have time to fix your own plate of food. It’s hard to immediately digest the information this study is providing, but think about it for a moment.

When you are out running errands, are you probably mostly doing a lot of driving around. Sorry, driving around isn’t exactly helping you get your heart rate up, unless there is a near accident where you must slam on your brakes after rolling down the interstate at 60MPH and you feel like the car won’t stop in time. Yeah…been there that’s a real scare to make you feel like your heart is going to explode.

On the other hand, cleaning up after the kids make a mess, now that will keep you on your toes.  However, it’s still not enough to help you make progress on your weight loss journey when your daily habits are not healthy. When short on time, many moms on the go swing by the drive-thru. Moms consume extra calories by helping their kids finish their food by finishing it for them. You are guilty of that, aren’t you? Yessss!!

So, when would even have time to make your way to the gym?

You are a busy mom and it is hard for you to squeeze extra time out of the day. Perhaps you constantly feel rushed to get up in the morning, and get the kids ready for school until it’s time to wrap up the day and finally go to sleep. Having to do so many responsibilities for the kids, you are ‘letting-go’ of yourself.

It’s time for healthy habits to be made. When you start consciously making healthier habits you will feel better about yourself. You will notice more natural energy and can cut back on your caffeine habits. Even if your kids are small you scrap time together for a 30 minute exercise routine.

You can do your workout at home, you don’t even need to change your clothes. Stop making excuses and start feeling better. Believe me you are already spending MUCH more time on FACEBOOK, and you know for sure that is true.

Action Steps

  1. Social Media Detox – You really don’t have to keep up with the Jones’s. Temporarily uninstall Facebook, you will find that you are getting more ‘valuable’ time back in your day to focus on other things. You can then use this time for yourself. Go get a mani/pedi, read a book, do a workout. Things that makes you feel BETTER.
  2. Set A Goal – Setting smart and realistic goals are extremely important. If you are looking to improve your health or fitness level check out they hold simple monthly challenges to help you stay accountable. For example, they have a hydration challenge which will help you reach for more water rather than other beverages that are high in calories. Challnge helps you focus on something small rather than feeling overwhelmed by too many changes other diet and fitness programs suggest. Best of all, it is free to join and you can upgrade to get an awesome medal of honor.
  3. Love Yourself – You are always busy doing things for others, but you do deserve time for self-care and self-love. If you are currently hating the way you look, or dodging the mirror (I’ve been there), you need to take your confidence back. Wise words of advice are look good feel good. Start wearing more colors, take time to put on your make up. A small boost of confidence can make a lot of headway.

Remember, you are a mom. The lifestyle you live reflects on your children. If they see you having unhealthy habits they will develop them too. I have a friend who rarely drinks water, so her son now also only drinks soda and she lets this continue. You have to set the example, you have to be the leader. Start here by choosing a challenge and make those baby steps toward improving  your quality of life.

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