Celebrate Special Moments with I See Me Personalized Children’s Books

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Celebrate Special Moments with I See Me Personalized Children’s BooksPersonalized I See Me Books Set

I have had a love for books from a very young age and credit that to the lack of electronics when I was growing up. I am always buying my niece and nephew books to add to their collections, just like I did with my children. However, I like to make the act of giving books a special treat. I want the books that I give to mean something and help mark the special occasions and events in their lives. That is why I love giving I See Me! Personalized Books.

Reading Ian's I See Me Book

I See Me! Personalized Books create a story around your child and are different from other personalized books on the market. Instead of just inserting a child’s name in spots throughout a book, they tailor the story around the child’s name. In the recent book I received, My Very Own Trucks, “My” was replaced with my nephew’s name and the book became Ian’s Very Own Trucks. The book takes the child’s name and creates a story around finding the letters to spell out the child’s name to create a sign with his/her name on it. They include the first and last name. The book also includes the child’s name on different trucks in the book and labels the trucks.


At the end of the book, there is an educational encyclopedia with all 62 vehicles that are shown in the book. The encyclopedia includes a picture and a description of the truck. I love this learning aspect to the book because it helps the book grow with the child by providing them with information they will want to learn.


Along with personalized books, I See Me! also offers personalized gifts including placemats, stickers, lunch boxes, and more. Some books are also offered in a set like the My Very Own Trucks and it included the personalized placemat and personalized stickers. These items match the theme of the book and are a great way to take the story into everyday activities. My nephew took one look at the placemat and asked me if I knew what it meant. I told him I did not but asked him what it meant to him. His response ” It shows everything you can be.”  He was absolutely right and that is what we what are children to know. Reading also allows you to go anywhere and be anything as you get lost in a story.

Kids exploring I See Me Books

I See Me! Personalized Books are a great way to add a personalized approach to celebration and special events. They are gifts that children will treasure forever and tell a unique story that can only be told to your child. Check I See Me! and discover all that they have to offer and surprise that special child in your life with their very own storybook.

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