Buddy’s Pizza Celebrates the Old Neighborhood with a new Polish Pizza

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Buddy’s Pizza Celebrates the Old Neighborhood with a new Polish Pizza

Photo Credit: Buddy's Pizza http://www.buddyspizza.com/

Photo Credit: Buddy’s Pizza 

Nothing reminds me of back home in Michigan like Buddy’s Pizza. Buddy’s Pizza has been operating in the Metro Detroit area since 1946. Their first location was on Six Mile Road and the location is still there to this day. This location has recently underwent renovations to enhance guest experience and preserve the heritage of Buddy’s Pizza. In honor of their 70 year anniversary and as a tribute to the old neighborhood, they are introducing a new menu item. This new menu item is an inspired polish pizza called  The Hamtramack Special. 

The Hamtramack Special features the traditional taste of sauerkraut and bread with the Buddy’s crust filling in for the classic rye. Locally-sourced toppings paired with the restaurant’s signature savory sauce create a dynamic blend of flavors reminiscent of stuffed cabbage. Special ingredients include kapusta-style sauerkraut from Ann Arbor’s The Brinery and thinly sliced kielbasa from Hamtramck’s Srodek’s, with Grosse Pointe Woods’ own Red Pelican Mustard on the side for dipping.

They tested the concept last year during a special fundraiser for the PNA Centennial Dancers – a local children’s Polish folkdance ensemble. People loved it and they sold over 100 pizzas in one day. Fans of the Polish pizza continue to ask for The Hamtrack Special. Buddy’s Pizza is excited to launch this Polish pizza at the Six Mile Location.

This is what Buddy’s Pizza vice-president, Wes Pikula, had to say about The Hamtramack Special.

Hamtramck has always been a part of the Buddy’s Pizza story. Over the years, Buddy’s has been a member of the Hamtramck Rotary Club and locals have confused the original Detroit location as being in the city of Hamtramck because it is on the border,”  “As we celebrate our 70th anniversary we wanted to create a fun way to play up the folklore behind Buddy’s historic Six Mile location – so, we did we what we do best. We made a pizza.” “There couldn’t be a better time to celebrate our Hamtramck heritage

The Six Mile location called Buddy’s Rendezvous Pizzeria features a refinished bocce room, bocce courts and bar area, as well as a larger-than-life mural created by local Street Artist Fel3000ft on the brick wall of the building adjacent to the north side of the restaurant.

Photo Credit: Buddy's Pizza http://www.buddyspizza.com/

Photo Credit: Buddy’s Pizza 



To discover The Hamtramack Special for yourself head on over to the original location and enjoy a slice of history in the making.


17125 Conant St.

Detroit, MI 48212



11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday

11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

For more information and morel locations, visit www.buddyspizza.com

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  1. says

    So awesome! I haven’t had Buddy’s in such a long time and I think their pizza is one of a kind. I love the new addition! I can’t wait to try it with my family soon.

  2. says

    Maybe it’s because it’s lunch time, but these pizza posts have got me starving!!! They look so darn good! I’ve never been to Detroit, but believe me or not, it’s actually on my “places I at least want to drive through once” list and this sounds like it would be the perfect place to stop and re-fuel!

  3. says

    This is the most interesting pizza I’ve ever seen. Who would have thought that those flavors would work on a pizza. It sounds like something my husband would LOVE!

  4. says

    Buddy’s new pizza sounds AMAZING! I love unique pairings like that when it comes to my restaruant style pizzas. Not to mention that I LOVE restaurants that have history and a unique story behind them! Looks like you had a fun, and tasty, time!

  5. says

    The Hamtramack Pizza sounds delicious, what a great way to celebrate their 70th anniversary! Buddy’s Pizza looks to be a great family friendly place to go. I’ve never had a polish pizza before.

  6. says

    Looks like a great place for a fun dinner or lunch out with friends or family. I dont think we have this in our area but I know my family would dig it! The pizza looks so good!

  7. says

    I have never been to Detroit, but if I ever make it there this will definitely be on my list. I’ve never had Polish pizza, but I’ve never met a pizza that I didn’t like. Would love to try this!

  8. says

    What is it about pizza that just makes it the perfect meal no matter what time of day or no matter where you are? I love the look of your destination: Buddy’s Pizza and the celebration really is something cool.
    I want to dive into to that pizza, it looks delish, no wonder they have been around so long. Looks yummy.

  9. says

    What a fun way to celebrate the heritage of the area where Buddy’s caters! I love sauerkraut and know this Polish pizza would totally be served on my table if I lived nearby. Looks absolutely delicious!