Brentwood Home Sleep Wellness Bundle Review & Giveaway – Ends 12/14

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Brentwood Home Sleep Wellness Bundle Review & Giveaway


We spend approximately 1/3 of our lives in bed sleeping or trying to sleep. After your mattress, a pillow is the most important thing needed for a good night’s sleep. Finding the perfect pillow can seem like an endless hunt because everyone has different needs and style preferences. My husband and I usually never agree on a pillow and so you will find a pile of mismatched pillows on our bed. That has changed since we received the Sleep Wellness Bundle from Brentwood Home.

The Sleep Wellness Bundle comes with 2 Helena Latex/Kapok Pillows and 2 Carmel Latex Molded Pillow. We each fell in love with these pillows because we can use them while watching television in bed and when we are sleeping. There is no need to switch out pillows and now I can get rid of the infamous pillow pile on my bed.


The Helena Latex/Kapok Pillows combine the smoothness of silk and fluffiness of cotton. They are filled with all-natural latex ribbons that provide support. This also makes it the perfect pillow for me because I tend to sleep in different positions during the night and it molds to my neck and head no matter how often I roll around. It is also super comfortable to snuggle down on. The pillow cover is made of organic cotton, grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers.


The Carmel Latex Pillows are made of an all natural latex that is molded to perfectly contour your head and neck while supporting it all night long. It is a resilient latex that does not require fluffing. My husband who is a back sleeper found this pillow to help him sleep all night without waking up with a stiff neck. It also has an organic cotton cover and is certified free of syntheic materials by the Eco-institut.



These pillows are made exclusively by Brentwood Home. Brentwood Home is located in Los Angels and has been creating mattresses and home essentials for over 30 years. They have cut out the middleman and now ship their products directly to customers through their online store. When purchasing from Brentwood Home, you can expect healthy materials, handcrafted excellence, honest prices, and California ethos.

The craftsmanship is easy to see with just a glance at the pillows stitching. These were the first latex pillows that I have ever purchased that did NOT have a “funky” odor which I credit to their use of non-toxic and natural ingredients. For the first time my husband and I finally agree on which pillows are the best and we are excited to offer you the chance to win a Sleep Wellness Bundle for yourself.

Enter to win via the giveaway form below and then check out all the other great giveaways from my blogger friends that we have brought together for you in the This OR That Giveaway Hop! 


Can’t wait to win your own Sleep Wellness Bundle? Head on over to Brentwood Home and purchase the pillows that are perfect for you. Make sure to check out all the other great products that they sell for a great night’s sleep.

The Giveaway

November 30, 2016 at Noon – December 14, 2016 11:59 PM ET, 18+, US Only

The Prize

One winner will receive a Brentwood Home Sleep Wellness Bundle (ARV $276.)

Special thanks to The Mommy Island and The Kids Did It for organizing the This OR That Giveaway Hop. Make sure to check out all the great prizes from all the other blogs in this fantastic round-up of giveaways! 



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  1. Anne says

    I’m tired. I’m very tired and I don’t sleep well at night, so I’d love to see if some great new pillows could help. Thanks!

  2. Kayla Norris says

    New pillows for sure. Ours are old and just gross especially since you sweat and it just soaks it up

  3. Kim Pinch says

    We have’t changed pillow in over 10 years because we can’t find anything we like. I would love to try these ones.

  4. Tanya Guthrie says

    I absolutely hate trying to find new pillows! Whenever I think one will be good in the store I end up with at least one of the same results. I wake up with a horrible crick in my neck, I wake up itchy, or I just can’t get comfortable with it. I’ve pretty much given up!

  5. kathryn mcneal says

    I want to win this because my pillow is two pillows stuffed into one pillow case and I still can’t sleep that great. Or I’d share with my husband because he needs new pillows more then I do.

  6. Maureen says

    I know I have said it before but with fibromyalgia I try to get a good night sleep and it is very hard to do.

  7. Danielle Lindquist says

    I have issues with getting comfortable and getting to sleep at night so anything to help me out with that would be amazing!

  8. elizabeth miller says

    I would love to have some new pillows. Mine are old and pretty squashed down which I am sure does not help with the herniated disc in my neck. I have tried new ones in the stores but they all seem well..junky.

  9. Terra Heck says

    I absolutely need a good night’s sleep and really could use some new pillows. Thanks.

  10. Lynne B says

    I’d love to win so I can take my current pillows and create a pet bed for our senior dog.

  11. Laura G says

    I need to win because hubby and I have a terrible time getting a good nights sleep on our lumpy mattress and flat pillows. We wake up more tired every day.

  12. Heather Cowin says

    We could use it to spruce up our bedroom. We could definitely use some new pillows. Our old ones from Big Lots are getting pretty smooshed!

  13. Sara Theissen says

    The pillows on my bed have seen better days! My husband and I just bought our first house on December 1st, so we want to upgrade everything we can!

  14. Cynthia R says

    I would love to win the sleep wellness bundle because I could use some better quality sleep!

  15. Ariana says

    I need this pillow, because the little bit of sleep I get should be better quality! Neck and back pain from a bad pillow is unacceptable for this new mommy. 🙂

  16. Desiree says

    I need new pillows desperately! Mine are terrible, and since sleeping is one of my favorite things, this is a really big deal! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  17. Sonya Morris says

    I’d love to win because our pillows are old and we constantly complain in the morning about not able to get comfortable at night.

  18. Melina Ramirez says

    I would like to win the sleep wellness bundle because my pillows are cheap and not comfortable.

  19. Lynne B says

    I’m tired of punching and scrunching one of the 3-4 pillows I try to sleep with every night. These lovely Brentwood Home pillows sure do fit the bill!

  20. Sonya Morris says

    I would love to win because our pillows are old and we constantly complain in the morning about not able to get comfortable at night.

  21. Margot C says

    We need this in our home because nothing quite refreshes your bed like new pillows!

  22. Lynne B says

    I would love a little luxury in my life in the form of these Brentwood Home pillows. The craftmanship is amazing.

  23. Sonya Morris says

    I would love to win the Sleep Wellness Bundle in hopes of sleeping more comfortably.

  24. Charlene S. says

    I haven’t been sleeping very well lately. I think some new pillows would help.

  25. Eloise Carlson says

    I need to win this wonderful bundle because I always wake up with neck pain and this would hopefully really help me with that! Thanks so very much for the chance! 🙂

  26. Lynne B says

    I’ve been so disappointed by pillows that were supposed to be good quality. Unfortunately after spending the money, I feel like I have to use them. I’d love these Brentwood pillows so that I can finally get a good night’s sleep.

  27. Jana Leah says

    I’m a back sleeper & it sounds like the latex pillow will allow me to wake up without pain or stiffness. Thanks for the chance.

  28. Margot C says

    I think that we need this because I can’t honestly remember how old the pillows that we have actually are (yes, I am aware that that is gross)

  29. Sonya Morris says

    I would love to win because our pillows are old and we constantly complain in the morning about not able to get comfortable.

  30. Nancy Loring says

    I would like to win this so that when my parents come to visit they will be shocked to see new pillows in the house.

  31. Anne says

    I would so love to win this giveaway. I wake up so many times every night, I wonder if a good pillow would make the difference for me.

  32. Marilyn Nawara says

    I don’t sleep very good at night — hoping this bundle will help me get a much needed good nights sleep.

  33. Margot C says

    That is not to mention that I too might sleep more comfortably on these superior pillows.

  34. DENISE LOW says

    I want to win because I would love to have a nice set of pillows. That would be wonderful to have.

  35. Nancy Loring says

    I want to win this giveaway because who wouldn’t love to lay their head down on some new pillows.

  36. MelissaandKeith Miller says

    We need some new pillows and maybe this would help me get a goodnights sleep!

  37. Anne says

    Right now, I’m really sleepy, largely because I didn’t sleep well last night. What I’d give to be able to sleep the whole night through without waking up multiple times!

  38. Margot C says

    These pillows might make a big difference fir my husband. He complains about his neck from sleeping!

  39. Lynne B says

    I’ve been buying less expensive pillows because of my budget. I’d love to win these high end pillows and get a good night’s sleep.

  40. Angela Saver says

    I want to win this bundle so we can try out Brentwood Home products and hopefully get a better night’s rest!

  41. Nancy Loring says

    I need to win these pillows so that My dogs can have mine and I will have some new ones. It is a tug of war all night long between my dogs and I on who gets the pillows to sleep with. Somehow they always win.

  42. Anne says

    I would love to win so I could help my hardworking spouse get a good, comfortable night’s sleep. He deserves it! (And I wouldn’t mind it, either.)

  43. Lynne B says

    I’ve had my pillows for 3-4 years now. I don’t know how often you’re supposed to replace pillows but I’d say mine are long overdue.

  44. Samantha Hubbard says

    I have trouble sleeping and I would love a new pillow to help get a restful night sleep.

  45. Anne says

    If I could get a good night’s sleep, I’d be a lot less cranky during the day, and my family would be very grateful to you!

  46. patricia skinner says

    I do not sleep well because of chronic illness and I would love to try these pillows out.

  47. Michele L says

    I would love to win this because we need GOOD new pillows. I can’t even say ours have seen better days – there were no better days for them!

  48. Fee Roberts says

    I need these pillows because I’ve been waking up every morning with a stiff neck and a headache. These would surely help with that.

  49. Andrea Williams says

    I would love to win this! My husband is extremely hard on his pillows and flattens them quickly so he could use a new one. I have multiple pillows because I read then sleep and am always looking for the perfect one that keeps me cool but does not cause neck or shoulder pain by morning.

  50. Sarah Hayes says

    i need all the help with sleeping I can get! this would be great for my whole family

  51. molli taylor says

    oh my goodness. our sleep is a mess: schedules, sheets, beds. it’s a ll a disaster. anything anythign anything to make us more comfortable is amazing

  52. Kelly says

    I would love to win so that I could throw out our old pillows, and know that we were using such great pillows.

  53. Mary Gardner says

    I need to win this package because my pillows are terrible and I would love to replace them and get a good night’s sleep.

  54. polly says

    I need to win because our pillows just aren’t comfortable and just don’t sleep well because they aren’t comfortable

  55. Tara Liebing says

    I toss and turn because I can’t get my pillow in a comfortable position and then I wake up with neck pain. ISo I could really use this sleep wellness bundle. The pillows look very comfortable.

  56. Lynne B says

    The Helena pillow is a unique design that I’ve never seen before. I love that you can remove filling to better suit your needs.

  57. Anne says

    Like so many other people, I don’t sleep through the night, and I would love love love to be more comfortable and get a good night’s sleep.

  58. Tabathia B says

    Because my pillow doesn’t give me a good night’s sleep and I have been looking for a new one

  59. sheila ressel says

    I would like to win this so that I could have a great night’s sleep and not wake up 2-3 times a night!

  60. aaron reck says

    I think would be very comfortable way to rest and get relaxation. I need that so much right now.

  61. Kelly D says

    I would like this because I need a lot of pillows to sleep, and I am always giving mine to my kids.

  62. Kaitlyn Ortega says

    I would love to refresh my bedroom and what a nice way to do it. This wellness pack would get me off to a good start.

  63. Maureen says

    I have TMJ and fibro and a good night sleep is necessary but I do not get one most of the time.

  64. Wendy Caddy says

    The pillows I have aren’t working and I have trouble sleeping. I think these pillows might help.

  65. Lynne B says

    I have 3-4 pillows that I punch, fluff and reposition every night, trying to get a good night’s sleep. Brentwood pillows would be such a luxury win for me.

  66. Cynthia R says

    I need to win this sleep well bundle from brentwood because my pillows are lumpy, old, and need replacement asap.

  67. Anne says

    I don’t remember the last time I slept through the night. I need to win this great bundle!

  68. Angela Saver says

    I need to win this bundle because our pillows are very old & we need a better night’s sleep! Thanks for the chance at such an awesome giveaway!

  69. Denise L says

    My sleep suffers nightly because of the awful pillows I have. Every time I buy a new pillow I’m disappointed with it. I’d love to try these pillows from Brentwood Home.

  70. 19cs91 says

    I need to win this because I’ve been using the same pillow at home for over 5 years!

  71. Lynne B says

    I have picked up down pillows from a big box store, thinking that these were “the ones”. I was sadly mistaken. I have to shake the pillows so that all the feathers go down to one end of the cover. Then I fold the pillow cover over, to make a fluffy pillow, before I put it in the pillowcase. I’d say it’s time to replace my pillows. 😉

  72. Anne says

    My poor spouse has trouble sleeping through the night, and once he wakes up, he’s up for hours. So I don’t sleep well because I’m always waking up to calm down the dogs or whatever I can do to make sure my spouse doesn’t wake up. Help us get some sleep!

  73. Stephanie says

    We need to replace our pillows because they just never seem to last very long. This would be perfect timing!

  74. Addie says

    I have a lot of trouble sleeping and lots of nightmares. A comfy pillow would help support my spine and give me a peaceful rest.

  75. Debbie Welchert says

    My pillows are so old and I wake up with neck and shoulder aches everyday. These pillow look so wonderful and it would be so nice to have a pillow that I didn’t have to fold in half to try and get comfortable.

  76. Laurajj says

    Oh I would love to win these pillows for our family! My new years resolution last year was to learn to cook healthier for our family and I have been learning so much. For the new year…its going to be to switch over to healthier products! This would be a great start! I love how healthy these are to lay your heads on at night and 100% organic cotton!!!

  77. Nancy Loring says

    I need to win this because my two dogs steal my pillows at night and i would like to have some of my own.

  78. Kelly Nicholson says

    Leave a comment below telling us why you need to win the Sleep Wellness Bundle.

    i seriously need a good nights sleep..belive me..i can use it

  79. Lynne B says

    I need to win because ever since perimenopause kicked in, I’m not sleeping well at night. I use 3 or 4 pillows that I’m constantly re-positioning during the night. I think these pillows would be wonderful!

  80. Jennifer K. says

    I’d love to win this pillow for my father who is very specific about his pillows in order to get a good night’s sleep.

  81. Sarah Gillespie says

    I need a pillow that contours to me and doesn’t retain heat so I don’t wake with migraines. These pillows sound magical I’m sure they have just the one for my husband and I!

  82. Charity Cram says

    I love pillows and could use new ones! There is nothing like a fresh new pillow! Thank you for the chance to win!

  83. Dan Dykstra says

    My wife suffers from neck pain. She has tried numerous pillows. Hopefully this would be a God send.

  84. Heather in VA says

    I have spent a ton of money on pillows this year but they just don’t hold up for very long. I’d love to have some that lasted.

  85. Candice says

    I hate my pillows currently, and have been tossing and turning for awhile. I would love to have better quality products and sleep.

  86. Angela Saver says

    I really need to win the Sleep Wellness Bundle because my hubby & I both have neck problems & need to find some great supportive pillows! I would love to try Brentwood!!

  87. Jammie says

    I need to win because it’s tough sleeping at night. My pillows are old and not to mention my mattress. I think it is time for a bedroom make over all together.

  88. Maureen says

    I would love to be able to have a restful night sleep. I do not get one very often with fibromyalgia.

  89. Jeanna says

    I’ve heard that trying a new pillow may help you to get a better night’s sleep! I will try anything to get a good night’s sleep!

  90. Denise L says

    I need to win because I currently have the worst pillows and mattress in the world (wee bit of exaggeration!). My sleep suffers from it nightly.