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Updated Media Kit July 2016


Hi, I’m Gwendolyn and this here is my little piece of sanity in my crazy life.

Yes, I said the crazy word and it sums up pretty much what happens around my house on a daily basis. Anything can happen and we have all learned that God DOES give us more than we can handle because He wants us to turn it over to Him to take care of. When I married my husband, he came with a wonderful 3 1/2 year old son who I love so much and have enjoyed raising alongside our daughter who came a year later.

My husband became disabled in  2005 and has underwent many surgeries over the years including brain and back. Health problems are nothing new and being a caregiver has taught me much needed patience because it is not a virtue I was born with much of. I spent so much time taking care of everyone else I neglected myself and suffered the consequences. I suffer from bipolar disorder but know that even on my darkest days there is someone who is hurting worse than I.

We have recently relocated from Michigan to East Tennessee with our daughter, 3 dogs and 2 cats. We are grateful for the ways God has worked in our lives over the past months and look forward to what He has in store for us down here. I personally am enjoying the weather, the beauty in nature, and the slower pace of life.

Our life is not perfect but it is the one that God gave us and we are trying to make the best with what He has provided us with. We have not always heeded to His Word but He has been faithful and never let us go. 

We are always open to discovering new things and enjoying finding things to enjoy right in our own backyard. Here I hope to share with you are favorite products, restaurants, destinations, tips, recipes and more.

Working with us

We are always open to working with companies to do reviews, promotions, advertising, brand ambassadorships, and more. All of our posts and projects are given our undivided attention and are complete with personal edited photographs.

You can reach us at ( Findingsanityinourcrazylife@gmail.com ) or if you want to reach one of us personally we can be reached directly via our personal emails below.

Gwen at gwen.findingsanity@gmail.com or Jim at jim.findingsanity@gmail.com

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  1. Danny Truong says

    Nice family you have. God bless you and Happy new years!

  2. roitman trillo says

    Would love to offer my newly published children’s picture book “Thankful For Today” for a giveaway.

    Book Description:
    Whether sunny, cloudy or rainy Little Bear is grateful and finds joy in every circumstance the day brings. Inspired by the prayers of a three year old, this beautifully illustrated story celebrates the little blessings in the life of a child.

    Both versions paperback and ebooks are available on Amazon.

    My previous book rated well. Here is the link for Amazon

    Let me know,

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