50 Ways To Ruin Your Teen’s Day

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50 Ways To “Ruin” Your Teen’s Day


I recently stumbled across a fun article from Parental Journey about 50 ways to ruin your toddler’s day. It has been several years since I had a toddler but while reading it I was reminded of how similar toddlers and teens really are. They are both unpredictable and easily can have their day ruined. With that in mind, I came up with a list of 50 Ways to “Ruin’ Your Teen’s Day.

50 Ways to Ruin Your Teen’s Day

  1. Sing while driving in the car.
  2. Dance while driving in the car.
  3. Make them clean their room.
  4. Assign them chores.
  5. Refuse to pay them for chores.
  6. Make them earn their own spending money.
  7. Insist they save some of their money.
  8. Limit their time online.
  9. Turn off the wi-fi so they will speak to you.
  10. Insist on having a family night.
  11. Be seen in public with them.
  12. Talk to them in public.
  13. Talk to their friends.
  14. Demand to meet their friends’ parents.
  15. Take them on a family vacation.
  16. Purchase them school clothes that you approve of.
  17. Make dinner.
  18. Smile at your teen.
  19. Frown at your teen.
  20. Look in the general direction of your teen.
  21. Don’t look at your teen.
  22. Provide them with a balanced diet.
  23. Require they wear a jacket in the winter.
  24. Don’t let them wear winter hats in summer.
  25. Take away their cell phone.
  26. Refuse to buy them a new cell phone when they break/lose their old one.
  27. Sing along to music at home.
  28. Dance along to music at home.
  29. Show signs of affection towards them.
  30. Show signs of affection towards your spouse.
  31. Wear your comfy clothes to take them to school.
  32. Wear your dressy clothes to take them to school.
  33. Wear anything that they don’t approve of to take them to school.
  34. Make them do their homework.
  35. Monitor their electronic use.
  36. Don’t let them talk to their friends after 11 PM or before 6 AM.
  37. Give them a bedtime.
  38. Don’t let them sleep all day because they ignore their bedtime.
  39. Make them eat breakfast.
  40. Refuse to let them eat junk food for breakfast.
  41. Make them pack a lunch instead of paying $10 for hot lunch.
  42. Require more than candy bars and soda in their lunch.
  43. Provide healthy options for meals.
  44. Take family pictures.
  45. Insist they smile for family pictures.
  46. Show family pictures to people you know.
  47. Hang a family picture up in your house.
  48. Post your family pictures online.
  49. Talk to anyone your teen knows in public.
  50. Just be you.

I am sure that me sharing this list of 50 ways to ruin your teen’s day will actually become the 51st way to ruin your teen’s day when my daughter sees this post. I will admit that I sometimes find pleasure in making her day seem so horrible. On one occasion, I may (or may not) have danced in front of the picture window and sang out the back door after she complained that I shouldn’t sing or dance while cooking dinner. I know, I am a bad mom but if that is being bad then maybe I don’t want to be good.

What are your ways to ruin your teen’s day? Let us know below!


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