2. I love the Janiebee quilted matts. So neat and would really be used!! Thanks for the site info!!

  3. Juice in the box

  4. The Sweetriot chocolate sounds like an interesting healthy snack.

  5. I like the Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats. The cloth patterns are wonderful. These mats would be fun for friend sleep overs or when the cousins come to stay.

  6. I love the personalized books. They really make the kids want to read when the story is all about themselves.

  7. The “pinch me therapy dough” sounds like something I might like to try…interesting!

  8. I enjoyed browsing thru your gift guide. So many wonderful items for both kids and adults! This is one of my new fav sites!

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    • The Michael Todd Organics Skincare set sounds lovely to me as well,or the Uggs.

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  11. I like the Sweetriot chocolate.

  12. So many good choices! I am happy that the day is finally here and things will return to normal. I’m no Scrooge, the season is just too hyped up. But, Merry Christmas! Hope you and your family have a great day!

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  14. Ultimate Green store is amazing!! Great gift guide 🙂

  15. What Fabulous ideas for EVERY DAY and EVERY HOLIDAY!

  16. The Ultimate Green Store has some great gift ideas for many on my list!

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